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Who undergoes a Lecturer Evaluation?

Any employee hired as a "Temporary Faculty" under the Collective Bargaining Unit 3 is required to be periodically evaluated according to the criteria laid out in UPS 210.070.  Faculty of this type can be classified as Full-time or Part-time, and are hired under contract that guarantees them work for one or more of the following time periods:

  • a semester
  • an academic year
  • a full 12-month calendar year
  • three-academic years
  • three full 12-month calendar years.

For "Temporary" or "Lecturer" Faculty that are hired under a semester, academic year, or full calendar year contract are required to be evaluated annually.  The first evaluation occurs during the second semester of teaching after the initial hire or rehire date.

For "Temporary" or "Lecturer" Faculty that are hired under a three academic year or three calendar year contract are required to be evaluated every three years.  The evaluation occurs in the last semester the faculty member is working before the contract is scheduled to be renewed.  

After 6 consecutive years of service a Lecturer faculty member becomes eligible for a three-year contract.

If a Lecturer Faculty member is contracted to work in more than one department then he or she has the potential to undergo more than one evaluation.  One in each department that the faculty member is employed to work.  These evaluations can be different types and could potentially require different volumes of documentation.

Governing University Policies

The overall infrastructure of the Lecturer Evaluation Process is governed by the University Policy Statement (UPS) 210.070.  This UPS is drafted, edited, approved, and published by the CSUF Academic Senate.

This document outlines the requirements for the Lecturer Working Personnel Action File (WPAF) that is submitted for evaluation.  Including the required volume of each documentation category, which varies depending on the type of evaluation.  

Download a copy and read it thoroughly to know what is expected of you.

When a Lecturer faculty member undergoes an evaluation, the most up-to-date version of this UPS is a required portion of the Lecturer WPAF, if there are no approved Department Standards for Lecturer Faculty (DSLF).

The most up-to-date copy of this policy will also be available for download on the Faculty Affairs and Records (FAR) website.

Evaluation Types

UPS 210.070 describes four types of evaluation that a faculty member can undergo during his or her career at CSUF.  

  • An Annual Periodic Review
    • Applicable to those hired under a semester, academic year, or single calendar year contract.
  • A 3-year (Year 3 of 3) Periodic Review
    • Applicable to those hired under a three-academic or three-calendar year contract.
  • A 6-year Comprehensive Review
    • Applicable to those who have been hired under their 6th consecutive semester, academic year, or single calendar year contract
  • Range Elevation
    • A range elevation is a request to be evaluated for consideration to the next salary range.  
    • This type of evaluation is separate from the other three evaluations described above.
      • The faculty member must have worked 5 consecutive years at CSUF in the same salary range.
      • He or she must be on HRDI's eligibility list, which is published on FAR's website every Spring semester.
      • He or she must request to undergo this type of evaluation by completing and submitting a completed declaration form to the FAR office via email at [email protected]

Each Evaluation type has the same categories of required documentation for the WPAF, but different required volumes of documentation, which are dependent on the period of review.  

Contract Type Corresponding Review Type Review Period  Required volume of Documentation
Initial Annual or Semester Contract Annual Periodic From Initial Hire date through current WPAF Submission deadline 1 Semester worth of documentation
Subsequent Annual or Semester Contract  Annual Periodic  From the day after the last review was submitted through current submission deadline 2 Semesters or 1 academic year worth of documentation  
Three-year contract  3-Year Periodic From beginning of the contract through the current submission deadline  5 Semesters or 2 1/2 academic years worth of documentation 
6th Consecutive Annual or Semester Contract 6-year Comprehensive  From Initial Hire date through current WPAF Submission deadline
11 Semesters or 5 1/2 academic years worth of documentation
All contract types Range Elevation From current submission deadline back five years previous 10 semesters or 5 academic years worth of documentation

If a Lecturer faculty member does not work at least one semester during a given academic year, this constitutes a break in service.  

The next time a contract is issued to a faculty member who has had a break in service, it will be as if he or she is a new hire, and the service clock starts over.

Annual Evaluation Time Table

Every year the Faculty Affairs and Records office publishes on our website an Evaluation Timetable, approved by the Provost's Office, for the Lecturer Evaluation Cycle.  This timetable documents the journey of the Lecturer WPAF from submission to final decision.

For Lecturer Faculty Members undergoing evaluation there are several important dates to keep in mind, but the most important in the Submission Deadline.

  • For individuals on semester contracts the WPAF submission deadline can be in Fall or Spring depending on he or she is contracted to work.
    • Fall WPAF submissions: the deadline will be on or around October 1st
    • Spring WPAF submissions: the deadline is determined on an annual basis
  • For all other contract types, the WPAF submission deadline is in the Spring Semester.  The exact date is determined on an annual basis.  


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