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To Log in to Interfolio as a CSUF faculty member there are 3 options to choose from to initiate the process.  Select whichever one is best suited for your preferences.

All three options will eventually get you to the exact same place, the Login page for the Interfolio Platform, from there the process for logging in is universal regardless of which option you started with.  


Option #1

Logging in through the CSUF Portal, https://my.fullerton.edu/Portal/Dashboard/

On the CSUF Portal, Faculty can access Interfolio by selecting the app listed under the "user apps" menu on the left-hand side of the screen

It is recommended that you click the star next to the app, which will put it in your "favorites" and keep it more readily available for future reviews

New Location of Interfolio app on CSUF portal after making it a favorite

Once you have clicked  the "Interfolio" app in the CSUF portal you will be directed to the screen below, which contains a description of Interfolio and its corresponding product Dossier.

"Dossier" is a digital safe where you can store your documents that you submit for your reviews and utilize them for future reviews

Click blue login button to get to the Interfolio Platform Login Page

Option #2

Go Directly to the Interfolio login page and favorite this website, https://account.interfolio.com/login

The link above can be found by inputting the search term "Interfolio Login" into Google.  Just make sure your web browser is Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (for Mac users)

Option #3

This option has a 30-day time limit

Sign in using the hyperlinked button in the email that came from [email protected]  

When you receive access to an Interfolio case an email will be sent from California State University Fullerton through the Interfolio Platform from the email address [email protected]

To login - Click the button “View Case” and follow the steps in the Process portion of this article


Once you have gotten to the Interfolio Platform Login Screen, follow these steps to complete the Login Procedure.

Make sure you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (for Mac users) to login.  Interfolio does not work well with Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

  1. Click the "Partner Institution" button

IGNORE the "email*" and “password*” options. Using these options will only cause frustration and waste your time

2. Enter search term “f-u-l-l” in the search box

3. Select California State University  Fullerton from the drop-down menu

4. Click “Sign In”

5. Enter CSUF credentials and Duo Authentication (if needed)

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