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Locating Your Interfolio Review Packet

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After Logging into Interfolio following one of the three options outlined in the Log-in tutorial, CSUF faculty undergoing review, by default, will be redirected to the "Home" page of their Interfolio User Profile.  This screen is one of two ways that you can located and open your assigned review packets. The other option Adding Material to a Review Packet to locate and open your review packets is on the "Your packets" screen.  

Home Screen

On the "Home" screen will be a list of “My Tasks”, otherwise known as review packets, which have been created for you to submit documents for your various types of reviews.

To open a packet to add material from this screen click either your hyperlinked name

A tutorial on how to add materials to a review packet will be included in a later chapter

Home - Interfolio - Google Chrome
"Your Packets" Screen

Review packets can also be located under “Your Packets” in addition to the “Home” Screen after logging in, but there are some differences

The “Your Packets” screen is divided into two parts:

  1. Active = these packets are OPEN
  2. Completed = these are packets that have been previously submitted and provide you with a historical record of your evaluation submissions  

To open any packets from either of these two screen portions click either the hyperlinked name of your department or the hyperlinked word “view”  

Active portion of the "Your Packets" screen

Completed portion of the "Your Packets" screen

The only portion of the left-hand menu on available on Interfolio's platform that you can ignore is the “Cases” option

This option only becomes important when you step into the role of the “reviewer” rather than the faculty member being reviewed  

Video Tutorial
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