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Participating in the Evaluation Rebuttal Period

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Throughout the Evaluation Process, your review committees will share copies of their Evaluation and Recommendation Statements based on their assessment of your submitted materials.  

As of the 2020-2021 academic year, this process of your review committees sharing material and you, the faculty member responding, is conducted entirely through the Interfolio Retention, Promotion, and Tenure platform (Interfolio for short).

As a CSUF faculty member you have the right to submit a written rebuttal statement to and/or request a meeting to regarding these statements using the form provided by the FAR office.

  • The written rebuttal statement should ALWAYS be addressed to the next review committee that will receive your materials
  • It should be professional and cordial
  • You are given 10 calendar days, after the receipt of copies of the performance evaluation statements, to submit your rebuttal if you choose  

Even if you decide not to submit a written rebuttal statement or request a meeting, you must still complete the form provided by the FAR office and submit it in response to the material shared by your review committees.  

The form will inform your review committees of your decision about how you wish to participate in the rebuttal period.

Receipt of the Shared Documents

Your review committees will be sharing copies of their performance evaluation statements with you through the Interfolio platform.

When this occurs you will receive an email that looks like the screenshot below. When you receive this email click the “View files” button to see the shared documents.  

[External] Rebuttal Period Initiated.pdf:2 - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Log Into Interfolio to View Shared Docs

After logging in, go to the review packet on your Interfolio home screen that is labeled as "open for response" and open it.  Then go to the "Shared Committee Files" tab in the opened packet.  

Home - Interfolio - Google Chrome
2021 - FAR - Sample Department - Timetable #2 Apply - Interfolio - Google Chrome

Read and Respond to the Shared Documents

Breakdown of the "Shared Committee Files" screen

There are several actions you can perform on the Shared Committee Files screen such as:

  1. Download a copy of the shared document to your personal document storage
  2. Download a copy of the shared document to your Dossier account
  3. Send your response to the shared document
  4. Open the shared document by clicking the hyperlinked document title to read its contents

If more than one document is shared with you, you can perform the download actions listed above on all documents as a group rather than just individually by clicking the "Actions" button.  

2021 - FAR - Sample Department - Timetable #2 Apply - Interfolio - Google Chrome

Reading a shared document

To open a shared document click on the hyperlinked document title.  Be aware of which documents are open for response and when those responses are due.  

The Viewing Files screen is where you can read your documents, in addition to reading your documents there are other details and functions that are available on this screen as well.

At the top you can:

  1. See your response due date
  2. The ability to send your response is also present on this screen
  3. Search the PDF
  4. Return to the list of your "Shared Committee Files" by clicking the "Committee Files" button
Committee Files Viewer - Apply - Interfolio - Google Chrome

At the bottom you can:

  1. Expand the Viewing Files screen into full screen mode
  2. Zoom out to make the document smaller
  3. Zoom in, to make the document bigger
  4. Flip through pages of a document  
Committee Files Viewer - Apply - Interfolio - Google Chrome

Submitting the Response

As of right now only a single document can be uploaded through Interfolio by the faculty member under review, as a response to a shared piece of documentation.  

If you do decide to submit a written rebuttal statement, make sure to condense it into a single document.  There is no page limit for a written rebuttal statement, so the single document uploaded as your response can be however many pages it needs to be to make your argument.  

Once you upload a response and click "Send" at the end of the submission process the rebuttal period closes.  No other response can be submitted through Interfolio and documentation submitted outside of Interfolio will not be accepted.

To Submit a Response:

Click the arrows ">" to expand the section to see the corresponding screenshots.

Keep a blank copy of this form for rebuttal periods further down the line of the Evaluation process.

Home - Interfolio - Google Chrome

Remember this must be a SINGLE Document. Interfolio at this time does not allow you to upload more than one document as your "response"to shared documentation

This is the "Shared Committee Files" tab after the "Send" button has been pressed. The ability to submit a response goes away and a copy of your rebuttal response is available for you to read.  

2021 - FAR - Sample Department - Timetable #2 Apply - Interfolio - Google Chrome

Video Tutorial

You are done. Great job!

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