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Review Step Introduction

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A Post Tenure Review (PTR) is a periodic evaluation that is scheduled to occur every five years after the awarding of Tenure.  Every PTR portfolio is due on or around October 1st at the beginning of every 5th academic year of employment, since Tenure was awarded.

*The only exceptions to this time frame are:

  • If a faculty member is on leave during the academic year they are scheduled to be evaluated
    • The PTR portfolio will be due the next academic year  
  • If a faculty member is undergoing an RTP evaluation for Promotion to Professor
  • If a Faculty member has entered the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP), however an appropriate administrator can still request a FERP faculty member to undergo a PTR

The process is governed by UPS 210.020.  The purpose of this periodic evaluation is to be a "consultation of colleagues, whose aim should be the encouragement and maintenance of excellence; an acknowledgment of positive contributions made by tenured faculty; and a time to reflect on opportunities for growth and professional development."

Candidate Role

  1. Receive copies of the PTR statements both before the requested meeting and after the requested meeting during the rebuttal period.  
  2. Attending the requested meeting as indicated in the form at the end of the submitted Interfolio packet.
  3. Responding during the rebuttal period set up by the Dean after the meeting has occurred.

Receiving the Case

After a case(s) have been forwarded will be notified by Interfolio via email that a case is ready for your review.

The email will look like the screen shot below.  Click on the "Review Candidate" button to be redirected to Interfolio.

Responsibilities for Review Step

  1. Login
  2. Evaluate the submitted material in each case for strengths and weakness in teaching, scholarship, and service.
  3. Compose a Written Statement about the faculty member’s performance and future goals
    1. Please use the PTR Statement template provided by FAR
  4. Fulfilling the Required Document Section with the completed Written Statement by the deadline published in the annual PTR timetable
  5. Sharing Copies of the PTR Statements prior to the requested meeting
    1. If a meeting is not requested, then run the rebuttal period when these documents are shared  
  6. Hold meetings with all faculty undergoing a PTR per the faculty member’s preference in the Interfolio case data form
    1. This must be done by the deadline published in the annual PTR timetable
  7. Conducting the rebuttal period after the meeting has concluded  
  8. Forward the case to FAR by the deadline listed in the annual PTR Timetable.  

FAR will not be creating binders this year, all paperwork that would normally have to go into the binder will be assigned as “Required Documents” at each review level.  The process for satisfying these requirements will be discussed in a later chapter.

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