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Confirming that all Review Packet Sections are Complete

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Checking ALL Review Packet Sections

For each PTR Portfolio assigned to you as Department Chair, check to make sure that all sections of a submitted packet are labeled as “locked”.  

If any are unlocked after the annual submission deadline, lock them, check to make sure that all required information for the review type has been uploaded, then forward the Interfolio case to the next review level.

Addressing any Missing Material from the Packet

This is required for Department Chairs during the PTR evaluation process.  

While It is the job of the Faculty Member to ensure that his or her PTR portfolio is complete, sometimes a faculty member will forget to upload something or many somethings.

However, if you see any missing material reach out to the faculty member and complete the process below BEFORE forwarding it to the Combo PTRC & Dean review level.

Process for Adding Missing Material

  1. Go to the section in the Candidate Packet that has the missing material and “Unlock” it


2.   Email the faculty member, whose packet it is, at their fullerton.edu email address, and inform them of the following:

  • What items are missing from which section
  • That you have unlocked the section where they need to upload the missing items
  • He or she will need to log back into Interfolio, upload the missing material, and re-submit the section(s) that have been opened
  • Give the faculty member a deadline to complete the task, because you as the Chair have to forward the case to the Departmental Review level by a date specified in the Annual RTP Timetables provided by FAR

Summary of the Review Period for PTR Evaluations

Interfolio Status  Due Date  Review Period  Required Volume of Documentation 
Post Tenure Review on or around October 1st From the day after the last RTP or PTR portfolio was submitted through the submission deadline of the current academic year Usually 5 academic years or 10 semesters worth of data.  This can be more if the PTRs have not been conducted regularly
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