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Lecturer Evaluation Cycle Workflow

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UPS 210.070 defines the overall infrastructure for how evaluations for lecturer faculty are conducted including evaluation criteria and the steps in the review process workflow.

Some departments have Department Standards for Lecturer Faculty that have been approved by the Provost's office, which will provide the evaluation criteria for lecturer faculty in that specific department.  Check to see if the department whose faculty you are evaluating have a set of approved standards before beginning your evaluation.

Changes to Review Process due to COVID-19

  • ALL Lecturer Evaluations are now conducted digitally through the Interfolio platform  
    • This includes both Full-time & Part-time Lecturers
    • Rebuttal periods throughout the process are conducted through the Interfolio platform
    • All performance evaluation and rebuttal documentation are uploaded digitally to Interfolio, no more paper or emailed copies.
    • The Lecturer Checklist has been incorporated into the Interfolio Review packet, and will no longer be required as a separate document or upload.
  • FAR will no longer be creating binders for the Lecturer Evaluation process  

Review Process Steps

  1. Faculty Submission (Faculty Member)
    1. The Faculty Member under review is responsible for submitting ALL sections within an Interfolio review packet by the annual deadline published in FAR's timetables
  2. Department Chair Confirms (Department Chair)
    1. The Department Chair makes sure that all sections within a review packet are labeled as "locked" before forwarding the case to the DPRC
    2. It is no longer required for Department Chairs to certify the completeness of the submitted WPAF before forwarding it onto the DPRC.  That responsibility falls on the faculty member who is under review.
  3. Departmental Review
    1. The DPRC and Department Chair have simultaneous access to Lecturer WPAFs to assess them for evaluation.
    2. The DPRC Chair and the Department Chair are each responsible for uploading their evaluations to the Required Items box in each Interfolio case and administering their own rebuttal periods
    3. The Chair's rebuttal period should be conducted AFTER the DPRC's  
  4. Dean Review (Dean)
    1. The Dean evaluates the submitted material, composes a performance evaluation statement, and forwards the case to the next review level.
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