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How to Forward your Cases to the Next Review Level

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As a Lecturer Evaluator there are 2 methods to move submitted WPAFs to the next review level, by the annual deadline published in the FAR evaluation time tables.

Once the case is forwarded from the Dean's review level, it will go one of three places depending on whether the case is for a Part-time Lecturer, Full-time Lecturer, or is a Range Elevation.

  • Full-time Lecturer (FT Lecturer) cases come directly to FAR, this step is called "FAR Processing"
  • Part-time Lecturer (PT Lecturer) cases go directly to College Processing, when the Dean's offices will do a final processing of the case
    • This step is new and it is included because the Dean's offices hold the PAFs for Part-time Lecturers
  • All Range Elevations come to FAR for a final preparation before it goes to the Provost for final decision.  
Method #1: Moving cases forward on an individual basis

After logging in, click on an individual faculty name to open a case that has been assigned to you as a reviewer using the methods described in the earlier article about how to find your assigned cases:

  1. Search for them on your “Home” page
  2. Search for them under “Cases” using either
    1. The search box
    2. The filter options
Home - Interfolio - Google Chrome
Cases - Review, Promotion & Tenure - Interfolio - Google Chrome

Once you have opened the individual case that you want to forward complete the following steps:

1. Click the blue “send case” button at the top right-hand corner of the screen

2. Click the “Forward To...” option from the drop-down menu

The forward to option will be either to "FAR Processing" or "College Processing".  Part-time Lecturer Annual Periodic reviews are not usually reviewed by the Dean, these cases will often go to College Processing after the Department Chair Review Step.

2.1. Option #1: College Processing
2.2. Option #2: FAR Processing

3. On the Interfolio message interface keep the "send message” option checked and fill in the required parts of the message

4. Click “Continue”

Method #2: Moving multiple cases forward at the same time

Please NOTE: this method for moving cases forward is very useful if the Interfolio server is slow in opening up individual cases or if the Send Case button is non-responsive


1. Use the Filter options to find all cases that are assigned to you

2. To forward multiple cases you, as the reviewer, have two options:

  1. Forward all cases assigned to you by clicking the checkbox at the top of the filtered search results
  2. Forwarding groups of cases (but not all) by clicking the check-boxes next to names of faculty members  

3. Click “Send Forward”

All required documents have to be uploaded for all selected cases before this step can be completed

4. On the Interfolio message interface keep the "send message” option checked and fill in the required parts of the message

5. Click “Send”

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