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Conducting the Rebuttal Period Through Interfolio

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As part of the RTP Evaluation process each faculty member has the right to rebut the Evaluation/Recommendation composed by the Dean.

This decision must be indicated by the faculty member using the FAR RTP Rebuttal Form, and that form, along with any rebuttal statements must be uploaded to Interfolio using the process outlined below.

It is the Dean's responsibility to ensure that each faculty member under review in your department receives a copy of the appropriate documentation by the published deadline in the FAR Annual RTP Timetables.

The Rebuttal Period lasts for 10 CALENDAR DAYS after a copy of the appropriate documentation is provided to the faculty member under review

The only exception to the 10-calendar day time frame is when the 10th calendar day falls on a weekend or holiday.  In this case push the deadline to the next day that the campus would be open for business.

If the faculty member does not submit the completed rebuttal response form within the time-frame given they are NOT allowed to do so through an outside email NOR are extensions to be given.

Dean's Rebuttal Period

As with all actions performed in the Interfolio platform, make sure that you are signed in, have located and opened the case(s) in which you are planning to work.  

If you have questions about how to perform any of the actions listed above, please refer to the earlier articles on those subjects.  

Currently there is no way within the Interfolio platform to perform this action simultaneously in multiple cases.  This process will need to be performed individually in every assigned case.

Message Template

Once you as the Dean have uploaded your Evaluation/Recommendation statement it is time to share it with the candidate

Dear Professor [insert name],

Your rebuttal period for the Dean's Evaluation/Recommendation Statement has been initiated.  Above this message is a button that will allow you to see the documents that have been shared with you. You will need to log into Interfolio, open your most recently submitted review packet, and within that review, packet click the tab labeled "Shared Committee Files".

You will be able to see and read all the documents shared with you under "Shared Committee Files". Please indicate whether or not you would like to submit a rebuttal using the RTP Rebuttal Form provided by FAR, as your "Response" to the files shared with you. If you wish to submit a rebuttal statement, please follow the instructions for doing so on the rebuttal form.

* Only one document can be uploaded in response to the documentation listed under the "Shared Committee Files" tab.  This document can be multiple pages, must include a completed copy of the rebuttal form provided by FAR, and it cannot exceed 100 MB.

You have until [insert date] to file a "response" to the files shared with you under "Shared Committee Files". Once this deadline has passed on [insert date], the rebuttal window will be closed. Rebuttal statements NOT filed using this method through Interfolio or after the deadline listed will not be accepted.

Resources: FAR Tutorial for submitting a response during a rebuttal Period


[insert name]

College Dean

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The message is completely personal, you can use the template above or create your own.

Whatever message you end up using must include the following elements:

  • Identify what document is being shared with the faculty member under review
  • A link to the FAR RTP Rebuttal Form
  • The deadline to submit a copy of the rebuttal form and/or rebuttal statement

THIS IS A HARD DEADLINE, once this deadline has passed the window to rebut has closed and emailed copies of the rebuttal statements will not be accepted

The Subject and Message are marked as required with a red asterisk (*)

Candidate Profile: Tuffy Titan - Review, Promotion & Tenure - Interfolio - Google Chrome

This step is critical for conducting the rebuttal period properly.  Clicking the checkbox next to "Enable" allows the faculty member under review to respond to the document shared with them.  It also allows, you the reviewer, to set a deadline for response.

If the 10th calendar day falls on a weekend, select the Monday after, or if the 10th calendar day falls on a holiday, select the next day campus is open.

Candidate Profile: Tuffy Titan - Review, Promotion & Tenure - Interfolio - Google Chrome

When the Faculty member uploads his or her completed rebuttal response form on his or her end, it will automatically be uploaded into the "Rebuttal/Meeting Response internal case section within the packet.

Candidate Profile: Tuffy Titan - Review, Promotion & Tenure - Interfolio - Google Chrome

Before clicking "send" make sure that ALL of the steps listed above have been completed.  Completing all the listed steps is necessary to run a rebuttal period correctly.

You are done. Great job!

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